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‘Bright idea’ is about sharing and generating bright ideas. It explores the relationship between insights and ideas for creative and innovative output.

What are bright ideas?:

Bright ideas are ideas driven by insights that serve innovative, inspiring solutions.

To me Bright means:
Smart: To solve complex problems demands being both analytical and creative. 
Lucid: To see what’s at stake demands insightfulness and it demands vision to foresee things. 
Clear: Point out what's it all about. Unfold the essence.

Bright is all about insights. Once these insights are connected to ideas, bright ideas are being created. In other words the right insight drops creatives off on the spot in the woods where the truffles are.

As you might understand, it’s quite a challenge. But that’s maybe the reason why I like it so much. On this website I present a variety of bright ideas. Stuff that I find, people I interview, things I’ve worked on, events that happen around us. They all form input to share bright ideas with you and to find ways to generate more bright ideas. 

T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

T-Mobile has the biggest range of smartphones. To sustain this position T-Mobile wants to bring smartphones to everybody. The insight that fits this assignment is that Angry Birds is a smartphone game for everybody. The creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi Barcelona – Luca & Luca – wanted to bring apps to life. This resulted in the bright idea of turning the Angry Birds mobile game into a live event.

The idea fits the T-Mobile proposition ‘Life is for sharing’, since the campaign features some great sharable content. The size and scale of the execution creates a powerful experience. The content shot at the event allows people to share this powerful experience and therefore increases the number of people that connect to T-Mobile. By bringing apps to life, T-Mobile allows people – including those who don’t even have a smartphone -  to join the fun experience of a smartphone. The content was shared about 1,783,607 times. 

Nature plans shit! A Darwinistic view on strategy and economy

Apart from maybe seasons, or life itself, there is no bigger plan to nature that makes the world go round. Life is a fact on our planet. It comes and goes. All species are common to life and death. Most species just adopt to the change of seasons as part of their survival strategy.

So strategy or planning is not a thing mother nature does, it’s the answer of all species to the environment she has created. The more intelligent a specie is, the better it is capable of coming up with new strategies for survival. This is of strong influence to survival of the fittest. The better a specie is to adopt to change the higher the chances of survival.

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On this website I share bright ideas in the form of inspiring cases and thoughts. As a creative strategist I generate bright ideas [link] therefore I collect and develop tools, models and other ways to do this effectively. I am Gijs Oostendorp a creative strategist active in digital media. 

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